Vision Mission Values

Towards a sustainable business. The ICIM Strategic Plan includes the development of new business lines for the check and certification services directed at the companies that aim at capturing new markets, facing the competitors and growing on the base of Innovation and Sustainable Development.

“Be a recognized leader, for experience and competence, in the innovation and sustainability services”.

“Be the point of reference for the private and public organizations that believe that innovation and sustainability are essential elements for their development”.

ICIM believe in the quality of its services and aims to differentiate their offerings is anchored to the values ​​that have helped to grow in over twenty years.

  • We keep a fair attitude in the activities execution.
  • We do the activities with full honesty, professionalism and competence.
  • We listen our Customer’s demands and we help them to identify the opportunities of improving their business thanks to our services.
  • We do our best to create a respectful and collaboration climate among everyone working in the company.
  • We look for the acquisition of knowledge and we invest on innovation in order to develop new services with an added value for our Customers.
  • We believe that our growth is due to our ability to manage the activities in terms of efficiency and productivity, thus guaranteeing the independence of our tasks.

Ethical Code
Communicate and share a commitment to conduct a transparent and fair
Aware of their own values, in 2009 ICIM wanted to communicate and share a commitment to conduct a transparent and fair through the adoption of an ETHICAL CODE and a management model in accordance with law. 231/2001.
The activity of third ICIM provides for compliance with institutional requirements, organizational, technical and moral defined by national and international regulations, compliance with which organizations ensure internal and external control. This therefore results in a business context has always been oriented to ethical behavior and that already largely established the general principles of its control of the Legislative Decree no. 231/01.

Committee for protecting impartiality
The Committee for protecting impartiality has the function of guiding and supervising ICIM’s certification processes, assuring their impartiality. It ensures compliance of ICIM certification schemes to principles of impartiality set out in the applicable regulatory and legal references.
The Committee includes representatives of users (customers, either individual or grouped in organisations whose management systems are certified), of industrialists’ and trade associations, of control governmental bodies or other governmental entities, of non governmental organisations, of consumers’ organisations, in order to best reflect the parties concerned in certification activities and offer the best guarantees of impartiality of certification activities.

For more information: Committee for protecting impartiality