Our history is a successful history

Here are the most important milestones which characterized over 30 years of ICIM activities.

ICIM features 5 strengths this year:

The new corporate set-up: ICIM SpA absorbs its parent ASSOICIM following a decision by the members of ANIMA (Confindustria’s Federation of Sundry Metalworking) and A.S.A. Srl, ANIMA Service Company (60%), Ansaldo Energia (20%) and UNIONMECCANICA (10%), together with ACIMIT, ASSISTAL, UCIMU, CTI with the aim of boosting the activities of the wholly Italian certification body in the current market scenario and to strengthen its operations with wider goals, in line with members’ expected results and at the service of Italian companies. With closer sharing of strategic and management guidelines, in addition to interesting possible synergies, ANIMA and the other members seek to promote ICIM’s development, with a special focus on the most critical issues, such as Industry 4.0, and the guidelines of the New Industrial Plan which will outline development in the next three years with its main pillars being metalworking, energy, safety, sustainability, training, certification of professionals.

ICIM is the first Italian body recognised as an ASME authorised Inspection Agency: thanks to obtaining the AIA-108 certificate, issued in New York, is the first Italian body that is able to offer the auditing services set forth by the ASME Code defining certifications for all boilers and pressure components intended for the USA, Canada, Mexico markets as well as 100 other countries in the world, including increasingly strategic economies such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Founded in 1880, ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers – today has over 130,000 members in 150 countries, and is the professional organisation known for developing the Boiler and Pressure Vessels Code – a set of standards concerning pressure vessels, steam generators, piping and nuclear components – applied as reference standard by boiler makers worldwide.

ICIM is the first certification body in Italy to obtain renewal of the authorisation for marking medical devices according to the new EU regulations: the notification was issued after passing the test which – with the new EU Execution Regulation 920/2013 – was performed by a Joint Assessment Team for the first time, including, together with inspectors from the General Directorate of medical devices and the Ministry’s pharmaceuticals service, a European Commission organisation and representatives of the ministries of health of two member states.

The one-stop-service approach – product and system certification, installer qualification, due diligence and white list qualification – and the launch of services designed for the financial sector with the aim of harmonising the technical assessments of products, companies and systems before funding medium and large scale investments, has allowed ICIM to be awarded for the second time the four-year tender with the Energy Services Provider – G.S.E., the Italian authority for renewable energies – to assess the requirements of photovoltaic systems that are the recipients of incentives.

Innovation is Certification in 3D: ICIM presents at MCE 2016 a virtual tour to discover the value of certification in energy efficiency. Thanks to the use of immersive technology, ICIM offers to visitors a virtual experience in an “energy efficient ICIM building” to be taken in few minutes with the aid of 3D glasses and a specifically designed smartphone app. The ICIM avatar mascot accompanies visitors in the all-round virtual tour through six different environments: flat, roof, common areas (lift and utility room), garage, outer roof and boiler room, where the icons start 15 animated videos (cartoon and infographic) illustrating the services and certifications offered by ICIM in connection with products, equipment or systems found in the various environments.

Visione del mercato, capacità di cogliere le opportunità e anticipare la concorrenza, pluralità di prodotti e servizi a 360°, solide conoscenze, solide competenze, supportano il Brand ICIM che ha conquistato quote di mente e quote di mercato posizionandosi con una riconosciuta leadership in innovazione, competenza, professionalità.
La certificazione nell’ambito dell’efficienza energetica caratterizza l’anno 2015 permettendo ad ICIM un posizionamento consolidato con l’offerta di servizi come la Diagnosi Energetica, la certificazione delle ESCO, le società che forniscono servizi energetici, secondo la UNI CEI 11325, la certificazione dei Sistemi di Gestione dell’Energia secondo la ISO 50001 e la certificazione degli EGE, gli esperti in gestione dell’energia, secondo la UNI CEI 11339.
Il 2015 è anche l’anno in cui si consolida la piattaforma dell’offerta di formazione a catalogo e in house con corsi diversificati e soprattutto con un nuovo sito che si accompagna, in un concetto di comunicazione innovativo, alla gestione di una piattaforma professionale per l’invio di newsletter ad un target mirato.
La partecipazione ad eventi significativi caratterizzano quest’anno: i Mondiali di Canottaggio e il Congresso dei Giovani di Confindustria, eventi che sono accompagnati dalla certificazione di sostenibilità secondo la norma ISO 20121.

Certification of Professional Profiles and Certification of Event sustainability management systems according to ISO 20121 Standard are the most important projects which characterized our activity during last year.
Those are business news which add to traditional ICIM certification services and appraise the Brand.
Thanks to the certification of Event sustainability management systems, according to international standard UNI ISO 20121, ICIM introduces itself on the market with an undeniable competitive advantage since it certifies important sustainable events of different typologies. Among them: MCE -ExpoComfort Exibition, mondial-leader exibition about civil and industrial plants, climatization and renewable energy, organized by Reed Exibition Italy, which takes up the whole exibition area in Milano Rho Exibition; the Young Entrepreneurs’ Convention, at Santa Margherita Ligure; Mondial Rowing Championship under 23 – first sport rowing-competition certified for its sustainability – managed by Organizative Commettee which includes Public Institutions as Province and Municipality of Varese and occurred in the protected area of Varese Lake; National Congress of Domotecnica, independent network of organizations in the field of energy efficiency which besides the Congress, put under certification also the System Management of all organization events (about 500 meeting for training, associative meeting, etc.); BIMU/Sfotec, in Milan, the big exibition promoted by Ucimu, Association of italian producers or machine tools, robots, automation, one of the most influential association of Confindustria System.
The host of ICIM services has been enhanced in the field of Professional Profiles Certification through EGE certification (the professional profile who is to manage energy use with efficiency) in addiction to certification of Professional Profiles operating on plants and devices which contain F-Gas. We added to those services the certification of ESCo, companies which supply energetic services).

It is the year in which you define the Strategy from 2013 to 2015. Was the year in which you define the ‘PARADIGM’ testimony that the primary objective of ICIM: meet the needs of companies and their implicit and explicit needs.
To make concrete its primary objective, ICIM is at the service of companies with a holistic view of the enterprise management by offering services that meet specific needs and create ‘value’.
In this context, ICIM embarks on a path that leads to greater integration between services in order to put the company at the center and focus the specific needs.
It follows a reorganization that is focused on asset 4 – MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS; PRODUCT AND ENERGY; SUPPLY CHAIN; PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES – through which ICIM is able to provide companies with effective answers for everything related to the management and organization of business processes, requirements related to products and services, and energy issues, management and efficiency supply chain management methodologies and training of human resources.
Nel 2013 il Brand ICIM continua a conquistare quote di mente e quote di mercato posizionandosi con una riconosciuta leadership in innovazione, competenza, professionalità grazie alla fertilità del business ICIM in nuove aree di mercato e con clienti di alto profilo e grazie alla proposta di nuovi schemi e nuovi prodotti come  la certificazione delle Figure Professionali e la Certificazione della Sostenibilità degli Eventi secondo la norma ISO 20121.
In 2013, the ICIM Brand continues to gain share of mind and market share by positioning an acknowledged leader in innovation, competence, professionalism, thanks to the fertile business ICIM in new market areas and with high profile clients and thanks to the proposed new schemes and new products such as the certification of Professional Resaurces & certification Sustainability of Events in accordance with ISO 20121.

Management Systems, Product, Energy are the strengths on which ICIM works reaching more and more like Italian Certification Body recognized by history and experience, sustainability and innovation, competence and ethical approach.
The active presence in the Energy sector continues to perform well delivering positive results in such large orders, credits, and new innovative approaches to the management of enterprise as the Green Management.
It’s 2012, the opening of new services related to the certification of the professionals that anticipates the need for businesses to acquire specialized professionals and qualified due to greater complexity of the interventions required based on the transformation of plant systems, installation and maintenance. This is the case of the personnel carrying out installation, maintenance or servicing of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases and operators who install and perform maintenance on systems powered by renewable energy sources.
In 2012, they are also the basis for an international development thanks to the consolidation of the commercial presence in Spain and thanks to agreements and collaboration needs of foreign markets.

ICIM achieves the leader market position in Italy and the recognition as one of the leading expert worldwide for the certification of renewable energy. It operates in all the energy sectors, both fossil and renewables. It is the only Italian certification body accredited for the releasing of the EU Factory Inspection Mark.

ÈIt’s the Energy year. ICIM takes advantage of a growing market, developing standards such as the first Italian scheme that certifies the biofuels sustainability and the “Sustainable Building” scheme. Moreover ICIM acquires competences and experiences that make it the market leader. In the PED sector, ICIM is allowed by the Department of the Economic Development to deliver CE certifications concerning the essential safety requirements for the pressure equipment.

ICIM develops the new coordinated image that shows the market positioning in terms of Innovation and Sustainability, as it’s defined by the strategic plan for the period of 2009-2012.   Always in connection with the development strategic plan, new services are developed and promoted on the market in Energy and Social Areas.

The Board approves of the new strategic plan, for the period of 2009-2012, renewing the ICIM positioning on the market. ICIM develops innovative verification and certification services (new energy sources, solar, wind, biomasses, nuclear, energy saving of buildings and production systems, exc.) also about social needs (safety, health, nutrition, environment, employment, integration, finance) in order to promote innovation and sustainable development of companies.

The I.C.I.M. Association changes its name and becomes ASSOICIM.

ICIM S.p.A. is set up and it comes into all the operative and commercial activities of the ICIM Association.

ICIM starts to develop the voluntary product certification.

ICIM contributes to the foundation of the CISQ Federation. It joins the eleven main Italian certification bodies  which work in every sector with specific competences, and it accedes to the IQnet agreement for the foreign recognition of the released certifications. ICIM  is one of the firs bodies to be accredited for the certification of the ISO 9000 quality systems.

The ICIM Association – Industrial Certification Institute for Mechanical Engineering – is set up, so as to promote the quality, first to the mechanical engineering, secondly to the other product sectors and to the inspections and training.