Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of ICIM S.p.A. is formed by

foto PA Pierangelo Andreini
At the helm of ICIM since 2012, at ICIM, Prof. Andreini has been the Chairman of the Certification Committee and he is also a former Chairman of the Italian Heat Energy and Environment Committee. He is currently Vice Chairman of the Italian Heat Energy Association and teaches at the Polytechnic University of Milan.
foto AO Andrea Orlando
Vice chiarman
General Manager at ANIMA and member of numerous national and European technical committees as representative of the Italian mechanical industry.
foto GT Gaetano Trizio
CEO since 2008, under his helm, ICIM has established itself as the reference certification body for all the companies and organisations that consider innovation and sustainability as essential elements of development, in particular in the multifaceted renewable energy industry. Mechanical engineer born in 1955, Trizio has previously been CEO at DNV Italia and a manager in the Food & Beverage industry before joining Det Norske Veritas Worldwide as Vice Chairman, where he was in charge of all the activities for central and southern Europe.
Claudio Badocchi, Unionmeccanica
Giuliana Ferrofino, ASA Azienda Servizi ANIMA
Luca Luigi Manuelli, Ansaldo Energia
Isidoro Scannavino, ASA Azienda Servizi ANIMA
Gisella Moretti
Patrizia Paleologo
Roberto Riva