Certification marks

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The ICIM Certification Mark is an important “sign” representing the attention of the Customer Organisations to their own management system, for their own product or services.
It is a marketing instrument through which Customer Organisations communicate trust and reliability to their stakeholders, thanks to a third party certification.

The ICIM Certification Mark is distinguished in the landscape of other marks because it presents itself with an innovative and quite bold graphic definition. Its representation is made up of 2 “theatre style” ellipses embracing a gearwheel, the element which is symbol of the ICIM logo – a logo that, placed at the centre of the ellipses, maintains its prestige and authority.
The ICIM Certification Mark has the ambition of representing, through the symbolism of the universality of the ellipses, the tangible expression of a Brand with strong personality and professionalism.
A Brand that speaks out for innovative vision and is a sounding board for ideas, like the theatre was for the ancient Greeks, with its elliptical architectural shape.
The ICIM Certification Mark is characterised by connotative codes referring to all of the value and concept attributes which the ICIM Brand communicates: reliability, experience, competence, impartiality.

The ICIM Certification mark is expressed in five large areas – Certificate Management System, Certified Product, Certified Service, Certified Company, Certified Professional.

To access the reserved area and download the mark in the main formats, access the following link, log on as a new user – if this was not done previously – and follow the instructions.

The Mark Use Manual supplies all necessary indications for correct use of the Certification Mark by certified Organisations.
The Mark Use Manual includes a widely exhaustive overview of examples for possible applications of the Certification Mark.
In case of uses not reported in the Mark Use Manual, the certified Organisation must contact ICIM S.p.A. to request the correct modes of reproduction.

The Mark Use Manual can be downloaded here.

For any information, explanation, request please write to:  nuovomarchiocertificazione@icim.it