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Certification. Value that generates value. Certification guarantees product safety, qualifies product performance, services and processes, ensures compliance with mandatory and voluntary requirements defined by international and national ...

ICIM certification. International passport

At international level ICIM has joined through CISQ the IQNET (International Certification Network) circuit, the world's largest network of certification bodies working in the field of certification of management systems for ...

ICIM is ASME authorised inspection agency

ICIM , thanks to obtaining the AIA-108 certificate, issued in New York last May 9, is the first Italian body that is able to offer the inspection services set forth by the ASME Code defining certifications for all boilers and ...

Industry 4.0

Innovative technologies, smart machines, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, internet of things, interconnection, monitoring productive processes through Big Data. All that is Industry 4.0, a revolution that defines a new productive model for ...



Satisfying the needs of companies and their implicit and explicit needs is our primary objective, our ambition, our "Paradigm".
This is why we are the service of companies, with a holistic vision of company management, proposing services that respond to needs and generate "value".
Our experience and our abilities allow us to read the needs of companies and to propose punctual and targeted certification services. 

So that companies may meet different needs and acquire value which will allow them to:

  • - lead company management that is effective in reducing risks, in managing
  • - energy, in supply chain checking activities;
  • - make their professional resources grow adequately;
  • - reinforce the brand and amplify product image;
  • - enter new markets and compete with the quality of their own products.

Management System

Products and Services


Pressure equipment


Professional Certification

Professional Certification



Piazza Don Enrico Mapelli, 75
20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)
Phone +39 02 725341 - Fax +39 02 72002098

ICIM – Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Sardinia, Piedmont, Val d'Aosta
Milan, Piazza Don Enrico Mapelli, 75
20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI)

ICIM – Liguria and South Piemonte
Strada Comunale Paghisano, 2A
15057 Tortona (AL)

Area Manager
Marco Angeretti
Mob. +39 329 2350348

ICIM – North Est (Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia)
Via Beato Arnaldo, 28
35010 Limena (PD)
Phone +39 049 7968956 - Fax +39 049 7968957

Area Manager
Patrizio Verga
Mob. +39 389 2727147

ICIM – Middle East (Marche, Abruzzo, Molise)
C.da Cerquone, 28
64040 Tossicia (TE)
Phone +39 0861 699275 - Fax +39 0861 699275

Area Manager
Sandro Franchi
Mob. +39 347 9083427

ICIM Spain
C/ Capitán Haya, 56
28020 Madrid
Phone +34 913 590 566 - Fax +34 91 770 42 02

Area Manager
Federico Guardini
Mob. +34 636 849901

ICIM – Middle West (Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria)
Area Manager
Alberto De Luca
Mob. +39 347 5454444

ICIM – Middle South (Campania, Basilicata, Sicily)
Via Giacinto Gigante, 204
80128 Naples
Phone +39 081 5568410 - Fax +39 081 0072001

Area Manager
Roberto Pregoni
Mob. +39 335 5235443

ICIM – Puglia
Via Achille Grandi, 15
70026 Modugno (BA)
Phone +39 080 5321628

Area Manager
Onofrio Lamanna
Mob. +39 389 8709072

ICIM – Calabria
Via Sant’Anna II Tronco, 101/B
89128 Reggio Calabria (RC)
Phone +39 0965 23126 - Fax +39 02 32066868

Area Manager
Pasquale Casile
Mob. +39 329 5959004


Certified Companies CE Marking
Biofuels-Bioliquids Certification of maintenance service quality in the field of fire protection
Certified foreign customers ICIM register  



Management Systems

Product & Energy



As well as being accredited in Italy with ACCREDIA, ICIM has consolidated its presence abroad, working directly or through bilateral or multilateral agreements, with both the issue of certificates and with inspections carried out by second and third parties.

ICIM is a Notified Body for the main European product directives and is also a body acknowledged by CEN for the issue of the Solar Keymark, by IECEE for the issue of the CB certificate for photovoltaic modules and by UNI for the issue of the UNI-ICIM mark. It is acknowledged within ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) as a Certification Body for the certification of bioliquids and biofuels.

As a member of the CISQ, ICIM adheres to the IQNet international circuit (The International Certification Network). IQNet is the world's largest network of certification bodies working in the field of certification of management systems for quality, the environment, safety and social responsibility. Founded in 1990, it currently has 38 certification bodies operating in more than 150 countries with over 350,000 certificates issued worldwide. IQNet's social purpose can be synthesised in contributing to the international affirmation of its members to be global leaders in terms of reputation, credibility and ability to provide certification services worldwide. Thanks to IQNet, ICIM is able to guarantee certification that is acknowledged in all the countries adhering to the network.


Certification Marks

The ICIM Certification Mark is an important "sign" representing the attention of the Customer Organisations to their own management system, for their own product or services.
It is a marketing instrument through which Customer Organisations communicate trust and reliability to their stakeholders, thanks to a third party certification.
The ICIM Certification Mark is distinguished in the landscape of other marks because it presents itself with an innovative and quite bold graphic definition. Its representation is made up of 2 "theatre style" ellipses embracing a gearwheel, the element which is symbol of the ICIM logo - a logo that, placed at the centre of the ellipses, maintains its prestige and authority.

The ICIM Certification Mark has the ambition of representing, through the symbolism of the universality of the ellipses, the tangible expression of a Brand with strong personality and professionalism.

Certification Marks

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